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Anichini-Moore Ranch & Farm
We offer on-site learning sessions. We do tours by appointment too.  Farm has no bathroom facilities. Send an email if you would like information. 

I speak at events and write articles advocating for recycling organic materials. Want to learn about sustainability and ecologically friendly ideas, contact me for details. 

2013 Events
Upcoming Schedule



2012 Events

Rainwater, Composting Workshops Set… 
Each of the workshops will begin at 8:30 a.m. and will last until about 5 p.m., with lunch provided. Participants are asked to register by the Wednesday before the workshop. To register for a workshop or for more information e-mail Jeri Fleming or call (405) 744-8395.  For a copy of the workshop flyer and a draft agenda, visit click on the orange link for more information on the composting and rainwater harvesting workshops. Article.

  • April 28 Okeene
  • May 12 Woodward
  • June 2 Clinton
Ranch & Farm Hosts Farm Field Day for OK State Univ. Dept. of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture's Camp T. U. R.F. June 23, 2012
The camp serves at risk youth. Shelley Mitchell, OSU, Ext. Stillwater, is their advisor.

2011 Events

 Ranch & Farm Hosts Farm Field Day for OK State Univ. Dept. of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture's Camp T. U. R. F. 2011.
The heat and insects didn’t deter the 24 high school kids from OSU’s TURF program from coming to the farm and enjoying an educational tour for about three hours.  A couple of pictures of the kids exiting their buses as they arrived at the farm are show below! They were truly intrigued by the dung beetles, dragon flies, blister beetles, song birds and our mostly heritage animals including one black Arabian stallion and the buffalo who all showed off for them by prancing and running around! The Large Black Pigs were fighting over who got to be petted and the kids asked a lot of terrific questions related to small farms, health and real food. It was a treat to have these kids who had never seen unshorn or wool bearing sheep. Their facilitator, Shelley Mitchell, said we had her favorite cows, Belted Galloway! She said she knew what they were immediately on sight! We are looking forward to hosting kids in this program every year! More articles here.

Organic Farmers Put Forward a Strong, Collective Voice on Organic Hill Days Visits... OFRF brought five farmers to Washington, D.C. in early April to talk to members of Congress about organic agriculture. Hear their inspiring accounts about lobbying on Capitol Hill on behalf of organic. Read more and listen to their stories.  (Source: Organic Link May 4, 2011)

Thanks to the Organic Farming Research Foundation, four unique, successful and passionate farmers from New York, Georgia, Oklahoma and Wisconsin were brought to Washington DC to express their commitment to farming organically and the importance of congressional support for organic farming. OFRF partnered with Organic Valley to bring an organic farmer from Maine to attend the event.  Click here to read about these farmers and the event>>

The National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition helped more than 30 farmers and farm advocates in 18 states share their story while visiting Washington, DC. 
Full article, click here>>

Organic Farmers in ActionSeveral organic farmers across the South attended the Organic Trade Association Policy Conference and Hill Visit Days in Washington, D.C. on April 6-7. The purpose of the conference was to educate Congress about organic agriculture. One of Southern SARE's Administrative Council members took part in the visit, Kathy Moore...Read article, click here>>

Farm Highlighted In Oklahoma Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Spring 2011 Newsletter.  We are honored to be highlighted in the OkSARE newsletter this spring. Click here for the article, page 3.  We encourage you to check out their web site too:

Picture of Kathy with award3.24.2011 GREEN AWARDS FOR SUSTAINABILITY...

On March 24, 2011, Kathy Moore, owner of Anichini-Moore Ranch and Farm, was awarded the 2011 OSU Green Award for Sustainability.Click here for the article; scroll down the page.

1.18.2011 Anichini-Moore Ranch & Farm in Woodward Paper...However, Hickman said agritourism is nothing new to Woodward.  For example, the local Anchini-Moore Ranch hosted an educational farm tour last fall, in cooperation with Northwest Oklahoma State University, Langston University and OSU Extension, she said.  As part of that farm tour, visitors from outside of the area were brought to Woodward to learn about organic farming practices such as rainwater collection and composting." Full article, click here>>

2010 Events

12.28.2010 Interview with Red Dirt Kelly of Red Dirt Chronicles...Friends, I recently had a conversation with Red Dirt Kelly about my farm and ranch. I invite you to check out her article about our meeting, click here>>

Farm Field Tour & Workshop... .. 
What a day! Attendees braved the cool weather to hear speakers on Rainwater Harvesting, Economic Development, Opportunities and Challenges for Farmers, Rural Development, Water Issues, Root Crops and Working with Oklahoma Food Coop, and Youth Activities. State, federal and local entities, universities and the private sector joined forces to increase awareness. The group is already planning a two day conference and farm field day demonstrations for October 2011. Woodward News announcement. Click here to read the article> Click here for: Agenda andRegistrationClick here for Photo Album>

 2010 LUDIVINE Visits the Farm... Jonathon and Russ of Ludivine New Prairie Cuisine take a trip to visit our farm, Anichini -- Moore Ranch & Farm, to talk about some of the more hard to get products she'll be supplying to Ludivine.Check our their restaurant here>